01 Jan 2014
Tom Baptizes little JuliAnna in the Jamao River
What a blessed day!!  Our Church in Tamboril baptized four new believers and then we celebrated the Lord’s Supper together.  The last one to be baptized was also the last one of our children I will get to baptize - little JuliAnna.  She accepted Christ earlier this year with Regina and was raring to go.  Tyler helped JuliAnna into the river right around noon.  Jordan helped me get my clothes...
01 Dec 2013
Ordination Album+3 Video’s added to Facebook
This month started off with a bang.  Both churches IBB Tamboril and IBB Don Pedro rented a bus together and traveled the 5 - 7 to San Francisco de Marcoris for a 3-day Bible conference at Truth Baptist Church pastored by Erik Johnson.  Our members really enjoyed listening to the special speakers and I had the opportunity to lead a local man there, Elexido to the Lord. Then Pastor Dial and I were off to...
01 Nov 2013
Dengue, known as breakbone fever, is a tropical disease transmitted by mosquitos 
There is nothing like dengue to make you realize how much you really need to depend on the Lord.  I was just getting into the rhythm of preaching every week again and had just preached in two different churches Sunday morning when after services I felt abnormally weak. At the time I didn't think much about it and continued working that week at moving the family into our...
25 Sep 2013
The Kids with “Socks” upon our return. 
What joy there is in our hearts as we look back to the incredible blessings of this last year!  We are so thankful to Him for guiding our family on furlough and putting so many people along our path that have been such a blessing.  We were invited to visit many cities all over the U.S. where our church friends and family encouraged us,...
31 Aug 2013
What is your full name?  Regina Joy Franklin
Where were you born?  Springfield, MO.
What was your first job?  Sales at Sears.
How did you get that job? Filled out an application.
Did you like it?  It was okay
What did you get paid?  I do not remember, I think is was a little over minimum wage.
Where did you graduate?  In high school I graduated from "Country Day School" - It is where the embassy kids go in San Jose, Costa Rica. I...
23 Aug 2013
Tyler surrendered in Jan 12 to be a foreign church planter
Regina, Tyler and I organized everything it seemed 10 times, ran errands, met Tyler's roommate and went all over getting those last minute to do's done. 7:00 P.M. came around and it was time to head to the Presidents ice cream social.  As we walked out of Tyler's dorm, Tyler spied all the new students on the lawn in groups and said "Mom, Dad - stay back until I figure out what is going on" - those were...
01 Aug 2013
Game Time at IBB Tamboril's 5th annual VBS
The Baptist Bible Church of Tamboril is doing GREAT - again - without us!  The church just celebrated its fifth annual VBS and had 16 young people receive Christ with average attendance's over 100 each day.  We are here in the U.S. on furlough so we could not be there but have been planning and praying for this activity for some time and God really blessed!  
They memorized verses, played games, sang and on Sunday morning presented to their parents what...
01 Jul 2013
Don Pedro continues to grow and needs new facilities
The majority of third world countries Regina and I have lived in and visited suffer from the same problem, masses of people who live on relativity small pieces of real estate. This makes buying land and building buildings difficult and expensive. Our national association members feel purchasing the property for the Bible Baptist Church in Don Pedro for $28,000 a few years ago was an incredible blessing. Moving closer...
01 Jun 2013
Ingrid (11) & Frandy (7) received Christ as their personal Savior 
Not sure what an extra $74 could do on the mission field?  Pastor Nestor Ojito who trained with us in Cuba before we were forced to leave, recently informed us about an incredible opportunity to start a new work in the central province of Villa Clara.  This is approximately 270 kilometers east of the last church we started in Havana in 2005.
Last year, the churches in Cuba began giving so that several men and women could travel to the province of Matanzas each...
13 Apr 2013
Pastor Alberto Castilla enjoying his first McDonald’s
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one is very historic and many of you have had a lot to do with this. The man on the left in this picture is Pastor Freddy Centeno. He grew up in my father-n-law's ministry and started a church in a now annexed (used to be a part of Nicaragua) part of Costa Rica called Liberia.  When Regina and I went to...
31 Mar 2013
The day that I accepted Jesus as my Savior was the day I began experiencing the joy that comes with His presence, guidance and purpose.  I have joy because He has been faithful in never leaving me or forsaking me in our family’s travels through Costa Rica, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Now that He has led me to be a foreign church planter I have peace and joy in knowing that He has a plan to prepare me for His...
28 Feb 2013
Enjoying Father, Son time at the Houston Museum
My mom and dad has been a tremendous blessing over the years to our ministry. Many of you know my father, John Franklin as a teacher, many as a historian, others as a genealogist. Loved by his students, its hard to go anywhere with my Dad in Lubbock, without running into someone who hasn't passed through one of his classes. Dad is also a writer and is just about finished with - "Love Among The Derricks" which is filled with...

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