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Beautiful services with tremendous choir's and preaching.
Amazingly we completed the roof project for the church in Haiti.  It hadn’t rained in weeks which allowed us to work non-stop. We had just installed the center vents on the top ridge and were headed down an outside ladder when it began to rain.  We just stood out in the rain laughing and having a good time.  God’s timing is always perfect.
The men from Florence Baptist were key once again.  They welded 1,250lb trusses and placed them 28ft in the air with no center columns.  Then perfectly welded in place Z beams so our team could safely scale and install the plyboard, felt and roof panels.  To do this $20,000+ project safely in just a few weeks in the third world is Extraordinary!  Thank you for praying!  During the time we were building, Pastor Clifford’s church continued to meet.  We have pictures of that and a lot more in the Facebook album - Last trip to Haiti before furlough.  We have posted additonal albums this month on more baptisms in Tamboril, Movie Night in Don Pedro and a suprise party the church had for us before we left.
With the church now having a solid roof so that it can meet out of the sun and rain, and having extended our time on the field from 4 to 6 years, we feel it is time to come home.  There is more work to do, but now the churches can continue the work as we return to report to you and share our vision for the Island of Hispañola.  

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