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Pastor Dial, Ariste and Luis share Christ at school
Outreach magazine this month asks the question “Whatever happened to Evangelism?” In it Francis Chan says “we give sermons about fishing and PowerPoints about fishing and books about fishing, but who’s actually out there fishing and taking someone along with them?”  Well, we are happy to report that Tamboril is fishing this month in all kinds of ways.  From taking the Gospel into a public elementary school right down the street.  To inviting unsaved friends to a birthday party during the week celebrated in one of our Sunday School classes.  To Doña Rosa, one of our Senior Saints who takes girls into her home, helps them with their homework, shares with them Christ and brings them to church on Sunday's.  Too much more.  Pray that Tamboril will be more bold in the weeks to come and have even more opportunities to “fish”.  
This month we have made on Facebook an album for missions “Devotionals”, and Nov. 8th’s asks the perfect question - “Where are your rescue shops located?”
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