31 Jan 2013
IBB Don Pedro’s 180 Bible Club continues growing!
If you were walking down the road and someone shared with you that you were headed in the wrong direction would you turn around?  Turning sometimes is a hard to do, however turning from sin and self to trusting Jesus Christ is something everyone should do.  Spiritually speaking this is repentance and that is exactly what 180 Bible Clubs are all about. Children of all ages attend the Bible Clubs in Don...
12 Dec 2012
Jorge and Penny need video cameras for  T.V. show
The Bible says in Matthew chapter 5:14 that we are the light of the world.  Jesus said in John 8:12 that He is the light of the world.  How can both of those be true?  When you give your heart and life to Jesus Christ, you are saved, and Jesus comes to live inside of you, and the light of the world comes to live inside of your heart, and you, now become a light designed to illuminate His love to others in darkness.  In our fourth annual...
15 Nov 2012
Pastor Dial, Ariste and Luis share Christ at school
Outreach magazine this month asks the question “Whatever happened to Evangelism?” In it Francis Chan says “we give sermons about fishing and PowerPoints about fishing and books about fishing, but who’s actually out there fishing and taking someone along with them?”  Well, we are happy to report that Tamboril is fishing this month in all kinds of ways.  From taking the Gospel into...
31 Oct 2012
The churches still meet in homes & have faith promise
As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country - Prov. 25:25  Even though the churches we started in Cuba face many challenges they continue making great strides.  The fourth church we started in Guanabacoa (6 miles east of Havana) is currently pastored by Alberto and Lissette who used to work as the directors of the Manna children’s center there in 2005.  The church celebrated its 8th anniversary this year on July 25th and...
30 Sep 2012
Martha, after having little Nathaniel last month isn’t missing a beat with the work she does every Saturday in the church’s Club 180°.  This year the club has had an average attendance of over 40 and many 180°s have occured.  One hundred eighty degree’s is an expression that means “turnaround” or in other words a complete change of direction. Last week four such “turnaround’s” occured in the lives of...
31 Aug 2012
Pastor Dial and Martha’s baby in intensive care
Born on the 27th of July at 6lb’s 2 oz’s Pastor Dial and Martha named their baby boy Nathaniel.  In John 1:47, Jesus said of Nathaniel “Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile”, which is to say he was an honest man. Please join us in praying for little Nathaniel that he grows up to be honest and to honor God in all that he does. It has not been an easy road, Nathaniel was in...
01 Aug 2012
Jorge & Penny our missionaries to Nagua at VBS - Album
We are happy to report (and its a little weird) that Tamboril is doing GREAT- without us!  The church just celebrated its fourth annual VBS and had 11 young people receive Christ with average attendance’s of 80 each day.  We are here in the U.S. on furlough so we could not be there and had been planning and praying for this first activity and God really blessed!     They memorized verses, played games, sang and on Sunday morning presented what...
01 Jul 2012
Beautiful services with tremendous choir's and preaching.
Amazingly we completed the roof project for the church in Haiti.  It hadn’t rained in weeks which allowed us to work non-stop. We had just installed the center vents on the top ridge and were headed down an outside ladder when it began to rain.  We just stood out in the rain laughing and having a good time.  God’s timing is always perfect.
The men from Florence Baptist were key once again.  They welded 1,250lb trusses and placed them...
07 May 2012
Tiffany gets baptized Album
Our Church took services to the beautiful shores of Puerta Plata a few weeks ago. It was a very special day for our family because I got to baptize our daughter Tiffany, along the Malecón. We also added to the Church through baptism Rickideni, Andrea (we had asked for prayer for her in February) and Antonio. All the ladies brought food and the kids had fun playing together afterwards. Tiffany accepted Christ a year ago. We have...
08 Apr 2012
imageWe are anticipating the arrival of our last construction group from Florence, S.C. in Haiti this month.  We are going to weld and mount large metal trusses on 24 foot concrete columns.  Please be in prayer for everyone’s safety.  Hope orphanage has loaned us all kind of tools including a power trowel.  This really helped us with the church floor.  In addition to this hurdle we have also completed the septic system,...
01 Apr 2012
imageIt takes about 7 hours for our team to drive from Santiago, D.R. into Port au Prince, Haiti, cross the border and get to work. The roads are tough and the border officials are tougher; yet God has abundantly blessed us with grace and health. Once on the ground, we work at a feverish pace, anywhere from 6 - 12 days, only to return, catch up with our ministries, re-supply and repeat it all over again. Neither Pastor Dial, myself, nor our team, ever imagined we would be...
29 Feb 2012


Cesar, Neri & Family, Valentine's day night.
Part of our Church’s evangelistic activities include “Family Nights.”  Our Church people invite friends and family to enjoy movies or other types of organized fun.  On two such nights, we showed christian films from Sherwood pictures and both resulted in people receiving Christ as their personal Savior.  In February, we showed “Fireproof”, played several games and had several couples make decisions to improve their marriage.  Regina was able to lead Andrea to the Lord and both her and her husband are now saved.  A few weeks later, we were able to show ....

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