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Two of boys childhood friends sing special in park
At the southern edge of Havana lies Lenin park which was built by the Cuban government in 1972.  A larger than life marble monument of Vladimir Lenin lies in the park inscribed with these words - “Lenin right from the start was not just a political theorist but a man of action and a man of constant ceaseless revolutionary practice.” - FidelIn that same park the Bible Baptist Church of Guanabacoa met this month and worshiped all day - God’s only Son, Jesus Christ.  There the church sang songs about Jesus, who was 100% God and 100% man at the same time.  They preached and taught not about political theory, rather about the simple truth that God gave His Son, a real man of action, to the constant and ceaseless work of redemption through His blood.  Pastor Alberto (Guanabacoa) and Pastor Nestor (La Lisa), while we know could ask us for many things they lack, they rather ask us to pray for there up coming missions conferences entitled “Placed As Stewards”.  Pray also that they be filled with courage and wisdom from on High. Download web link enabled PDF here Print borderless Jpg on Facebook hereAvailable in español aquí
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