Camp 180° A Super Success Featured

Counselors worked Individually with each Camper
Regina and I for over a decade have observed in Costa Rica and Cuba that Christ focused camps are one of the most effective ways of winning teenagers to the Lord.  This and the fact that 64% of people accept Christ before the age of 18 led us to form a partnership with the Rawlings foundation for unsaved youth 12-17 years of age which we call simply - Camp 180° .  On our part we organize and motivate the young people in our community to sign up ahead of time, keep up with the application process, provide counselors from our church and help Eddy Jesus (Highlands Event Director) preach and put on an unforgettable, first class program.  The Rawlings foundation provides the camp and funding necessary to bring in the young people who in turn receive a clear presentation of the Gospel.  Our leaders signed up 168 and due to an outbreak of chikungunya  L  only 138 were able to attend of which 35 received Christ as Savior.  J  We are excited and invite you to check out all the pictures @  Download web link enabled PDF here Print borderless Jpg on Facebook here Available in español aquí
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