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Over 40% of the Dominican is mired in poverty
The solution for poverty is not more charity, which quickly leads to more dependency.  If we are serious about trying to solve poverty in a certain area then we should not try to “alleviate” it either.  The word, alleviate, means to make easier or to endure.  Basically this kicks the can down the road, it might make you feel better but it does not have any long-term impact that passes to the next generation. The answer to third world poverty is the same answer for those in the developing world.  Men and women in the third world need to create income for their families just like men and women in the developing world.  Ask people making ends meet in the developing world what they want most, and they do not mention more aid or charity.  (This is the third world mentality of dependency)  What they want is a good job (one with dignity, one where they feel they were created in the image of God) or they want the chance to build a small business so ultimately they can provide for their families.  Half of the members in the churches we have started on the island, are currently unemployed, not because they lack the skill, ability or desire to work, they lack OPPORTUNITY.  Bringing "opportunity" to one Christian family in an environment where there are no "good" jobs, difficult markets, corruption etc. is a daunting, time intensive task - and this is just for one family.  We have seen many attempt to help others in this way, yet due to the difficult situations in the third world quickly fall back to "alleviating".  Pray that the families in our churches will find “opportunity”.  
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